How the Business Owner Program Works

UpDog assists you in running a successful independent business by giving you existing vendor and manufacturer contacts, as well as training and other resources.

When you join the Updog Team as an approved business owner, you own and run your own company, selling and placing orders for promotional goods for your clients. You are in command. You choose when you work, what you work on, and with whom you work. There are no contractual obligations, no sales minimums or targets to reach, no inventory to maintain, and we will never ask for your customer list.

Step 1

Order the Standard or Premium Business Owner Package

We’ll process your application right away and give you an email within 24 hours with advice, recommendations, and access to our educational courses to help you get started. Your entire company owner package will be delivered to you through FedEx shortly.

Step 2

Review, Meet & Plan

Examine your business owner package and online dealer assets in detail. Then, with your Updog Dealer Support Executive, organise a strategy and planning session to create a plan, define goals, and objectives for your new business.

Step 3

Prepare Your Sales & Marketing Materials

Prepare marketing assets to assist you in promoting your company to prospects and consumers. These will assist to clarify what your company does, what applications it supports, and what it can do. You may either develop your own materials or start using UpDog’s marketing assets.

Step 4

Market & Connect

To let others know about the services and goods you offer, market your business to family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, and potential customers. You promote your message, be sure to use a smart multi-channel approach. Your company owner package has all you need to know about this.

Step 5

Meetings, Appointments, Sales Calls

All of your marketing and networking efforts should be aimed towards setting up meetings, appointments, and sales calls with prospects and potential clients so that you can demonstrate the value and benefit of the products and services you offer.

Step 6

Rinse & Repeat

Image is essential when it comes to being successful, especially when it comes to marketing innovative ideas, services, and products. You must publicize yourself and your new business to potential consumers and clients. Marketing, networking, and scheduling meetings, appointments, and sales calls is a never-ending process. These are two of the most crucial operations of your company.

Step 7

Process Orders

Always solicit for business from your prospects and clients. When you get an order, submit it as soon as possible using your smartphone, tablet, or computer via your CRM.

Step 8

Cash-In & Profit

When you get a factory-ready order, you’ll receive a profit payout within 24-48 hours if you’re set up using Direct Deposit, and 7-10 days if you’re using USPS.




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